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Oh Hufflepuff!

Let me go through some things I have realized the past month having a blog: Nobody reads blogs on Sundays Nobody reads blogs on Saturdays Barely anyone will read this blog Because it’s Saturday They will be missing out Saturday … Continue reading

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Jeremy Madden (The Real Madden 2011)

Well I certainly will not lie; when Mickey contacted me to write for his blog I figured I had a game plan and was ready to go. I was absolutely stoked, for this game plan would motivate people to be … Continue reading

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What in the heck is going on?

Hey everyone I just wanted to give some updates of what has been going on the last few weeks at Original Rebel! As of right now we have been working on some really awesome t-shirts to start selling in the … Continue reading

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Man Of A Million Names (Shashank)

From now on we will be featuring somebody who is being an Original Rebel once a week! This week I want to tell you guys about a buddy of mine. He recently went to New York with a group of … Continue reading

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It’s Hard

One of the hardest things to do with an idea, business, organization, etc. is to start. It’s easy to come up with an idea of what you want or want something to be, but the hard part comes when you … Continue reading

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Winston (Not The Original Wrap Though)

I’m pretty sure we all know the name Winston Churchill. If you don’t, go back to school because there is no way your teachers should have let you out of high school (really middle school but I was being nice). … Continue reading

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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich you ask? Who is she? What did she do? I ask you one question… Have you been living under a rock your whole life! If anyone deserves to be highlighted by Original Rebel it is Erin “hardball” Brockovich. … Continue reading

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