Do we know enough?

How much do we want to be informed?  How much do we try to be informed?  Are we searching for the events and problems going on around us or do we just wait and see what travels to our ears?

This might be taken for granted, but reading the news is so important when it comes to being informed on the things going on around us.  I bet some people didn’t know Blake Griffin had one of the best dunks ever last night, the Everglades have a python problem, or that Jones, Scherzinger, and Abdul were booted from the X-Factor cast.  These may not be important to everyone, but it’s information that is available but looked over.  Things that are important that we may miss:

You might say these do not affect you, but they do affect people all around the nation and the world.  If people are struggling, isn’t it our responsibility to reach out and help?  Shouldn’t we be a voice for these people?  How are we supposed to stand in the gap for people if we don’t know what they are going through?  News may be more important than you think.

We Are Original Rebel


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