Who We Are

Original Rebels are not what you think they are. They aren’t Al Capone and don’t want to go shoot up banks to collect dem greenbacks. Original Rebels are people who want to change the world. To be an O.R. you have to be willing to go against the grain and do things that others aren’t willing or are afraid to do. You can’t change the world without getting a little dirty. We are here to tell the stories of Original Rebels in the past, present, and hopefully your story in the future. Now is the time to act.


6 Responses to Who We Are

  1. Chad Madden says:

    Hey what comment plugin is this? J/W

  2. Cool! It’s funny I stumbled upon this today since this morning I wrote a note to self:
    “Live radically. Die to self. Love others.”


  3. Nick Wilson says:

    Hey. Love you.

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